Studio Interview w/ Jahvid

In this exclusive interview, Jahvid Best takes us inside his home studio and talks about his passion for education, sports, music, and family.

American Flag Football League- June 14, 2018

Jahvid Best grabs 2 touchdowns and gives his mother a birthday shout out on live television!!! Godspeed advances to the finals!!!

American Flag Football League- June 8, 2018

Check out Jahvid Best's TD grab!!! -20 second mark.

Best Foundation x "FEED THE TOWN" Holiday Giveaway

The Best Foundation, Oakland Ed Fund, Fast Functional Feet(3F) make donation drop offs to schools in Oakland Unified School District. -December 2017- Bryce Ward

Jahvid Best delivers donations to families.- December 2017- Bryce Ward

Oakland Ed Fund African American Literature Read-In

Tiana Burse volunteers at East Oakland Pride Elementary School in East Oakland. - February 2018- District Media Press

Oakland Community Fundraiser

April 2018- Tiana Burse; District Media Press