SoOakland x Best Foundation DayFest August 4th, 2019

SoOakland Day Fest is an ALL AGE community festival held Sunday Aug 4th in the City Of Oakland. (FREE FOR KIDS & SENIORS). Each year the growth continues as we reached record numbers of 5000 plus people through out the day last year.  SoOakland has partnered with THE BEST FOUNDATION, a Non-Profit geared towards providing resources to underprivileged communities. This Festival celebrates “SoOakland Day” an official proclamation received from City of Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaff declaring July 30th officially SoOakland Day in the City Of Oakland . What makes this FEST special is the importance of preserving the AUTHENTIC  diverse culture of  Oakland which is what makes this place beautiful. Walking into this space you will feel the spirit of Oakland through different elements that are represented. A KID & TEEN ZONE, A SENIOR ZONE, A CAR SHOW, 200 +  MULTI-FACETED VENDORS ,LIVE MUSIC, DJS, DANCERS, PERFORMANCES,  ADULT VIBE LOUNGE, LIVE BASKETBALL GAMES, FOOD TRUCKS, BACK -PACK GIVEAWAYS, and MORE. 

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Nation Prep


Our "Why"

Over the past three years, basketball has provided an avenue for both social and academic development to a group of boys born into unfortunate economic and socio-economic statuses-while also facing significant social challenges. We create experiences for boys who would otherwise be confined to at risk environments. Here at Nation Prep we  firmly believe that with positive re-enforcement, encouragement and the appropriate resources, our boys will surpass the expectations of their neighborhoods.

We are a small basketball organization featuring programs that promote academic and social skills development, community activism and introduction to business concepts. It is our mission that our boys become successful college students, men of character and positive contributors to community development. We work diligently to identify resources and opportunities that afford opportunities for the holistic development of each one of our boys, and they are showing and proving that they have the capacity to develop into great people.


Our Commitment

We’ve witnessed significant growth on and off the court and as a result, are being afforded opportunities to compete in tournaments all over the United States and beyond. Through hard work and perseverance, the young men of Nation Prep have earned themselves a spot in two of the most competitive tournaments in youth sports. However, due to limited resources are unable to cover travel and lodging. For this reason, we are seeking your support, as we want our boys to be able to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences they’ve earned as a result of their hard work and commitment to themselves and their teammates. 


Thank You

We thank you in anticipation for considering our request for donating funds for the sake of our outstanding, but underprivileged boys who face social challenges each day with a positive outlook. Together, we can make their lives much easier and better, proving that hard work and a strong commitment to something can open doors and create positive experiences. If you have any queries about our team or our work, please feel free to contact us.

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Nation Prep

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Best Foundation

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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