Take Me Out To The A's Best Ball Games

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Whether you're taking the family out for a game or purchasing tickets for students and families; purchase your tickets through us!!!

The Oakland A's 2019 nonprofit ticket fundraising program is a fun way to raise money for our organization. A custom ticket link has been created for The Best Foundation which allows our network to support us all season long with access to discounted tickets to TWENTY games throughout the season. For each ticket sold, our organization receives $5 back. 

Purchase tickets for students and families through our PayPal donation page. Please clarify "A's Tickets" in memo.

Lower Level Tickets are $33 each.

Plaza Level Tickets are $30 each

Promotion Games

April 20th - Promotion: Matt Chapman Gold Glove Bobblehead/ Autism Awareness Day - Blue Jays vs. Oakland A's (MUST PURCHASE TICKETS BY 4/15)

May 7th -  Promotion: Free Parking Tuesdays/ Teachers Night Out - Cincinnati Reds vs. Oakland A's

May 10th - Promotion: East Bay Hip Hop Fireworks - Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland A's

May 26th - Promotion: Coppola Winefest - Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland A's

June 1st - Promotion: Unicorn Fanny Pack/ Pride Night - Houston Astros vs. Oakland A's

June 16th - Promotion: Khris Davis Bat/ Fathers Day - Seattle Mariners

June 20th - Promotion:Oakland Larks Cap/ African American Heritage Night - T.B. Rays vs. Oakland A's

June 22nd - Promotion: Matt Olson Gold Glove Bobblehead - T.B. Rays v.s Oakland A's

July 3rd - Promotion: Patriotic Fireworks/ Military Appreciation Night - Minnesota Twins vs. Oakland A's

July 4th - Promotion: Oakland Tote Bag - Minnesota Twins vs. Oakland A's

July 14th - Promotion: T-Shirt - Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland A's

July 27th - Game Highlight: Pixar Fireworks/ Portuguese Heritage Night - Texas Rangers vs. Oakland A's

July 30th - Ticket Offer: Native American Heritage Night/ Promotion: Free Parking Tuesdays - Milwaukee Brewers vs. Oakland A's

August 4th -  Promotion: T-Shirt / Ticket Offer: Law Enforcement Day - 

August 18th - Game Highlight: Beerfest / Ticket Offer: Yoga Day - Houston Astros vs. Oakland A's

August 22nd - New York Yankees vs. Oakland A's

August 25th - San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A's

September 7th - Game Highlight: Star Wars™ Fireworks / Ticket Offer: Childhood Cancer Awareness - Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's

September 8th - Promotion: Bert "Campy" Campaneris Bobblehead / Ticket Offer: Latinx Heritage Day - Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's 

September 22nd - Game Highlights (2): Kids Appreciation Day /  Fan Appreciation Weekend - Texas Rangers vs. Oakland A's

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